Kendra Duckworth

Longfellow Elementary
Alvin, TX

I am Kendra Duckworth and I am an elementary librarian. I progressively grew into the role of librarian by starting off as a reading teacher for 15 years in the classroom and as a special reading teacher working with struggling readers and ESL students. When the opportunity for me to move into the library came open, I was honored to take the challenge. With my background in reading, I found the transition very easy. And, even though I changed titles, I still wanted teachers to seek me out for help in instruction. I have to show them that I can be a great resource for them and that by our working together, we can reach students that need differentiated instruction, more hands-on skills, smaller learning groups and multiple resources to gain comprehension and understanding. Plus, it is always an advantage to have a great stash of chocolate available when reaching out to teachers. Today, I hope we can share with you the many benefits of co-teaching and ways to accomplish this goal. Are you ready?

One Web 2.0 device I use with teachers: Longfellow+Library by KDuck

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

I use this tool with my students:

3rd Grade Lesson
Co-Teaching In Action on PhotoPeach