High School

Becky's Page

My elevator speech for the presentation:

I am Becky McKee, and I choose to be a school librarian. Daily, I use my background in reading, math, and ESL instruction to assist students with a variety of educational needs. I work to keep current with books and technology so that I can help students utilize all that is available to them. Accordingly, I believe that most students find value in school librarians. However, I’m worried that teachers and administrators don’t always share those convictions. Therefore, I strive to find ways to assert my worth upon these stakeholders. If a colleague believes that I am knowledgeable, they will seek my help. One way to portray my expertise as a co-teacher is by incorporating reading skills into my instruction. Reading skills apply in all disciplines, so a reading -teacher-librarian is valuable! Will you join me in learning more about how to incorporate reading skills into our every-day tasks and cooperative lessons?